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*giggles* *splutters* *snorts* *hysterics* - Keeper of the Cages
*giggles* *splutters* *snorts* *hysterics*
*breaths* You know when you suddenly get the giggles and you really really can't stop no matter what and they just keep coming back no matter how many deep breaths you take. Well that's just what's happening to at the moment! Positive side laughter is good for you, Down side it's 1am in the morning and I should be asleep.

Oh well giggles are good so long as other people in the house aren't asleep. Have to remember to bite my hand if it continues after people have gone to bed!

Other news some guy just jumped my brother as he was getting out of my car (his car has died and is no longer for driving so he uses mine, all the time) outside one of the nightclubs in Warrington. Ripped his shirt and whatnot, though the stupid dumbass did it infront of the Police so now my brother's pressing charges. I'll find out more when he gets home. Apparently the guy who jumped him was from our village. Boys are stupid and thugish, at least when girls fight it's precise and vicious, not me beat you then me beat you back later on.

Hmm sleep now then.

Love and happy flighty thoughts to miss Yelland and miss Griffith. Have good flight to OZ and when you meet the wizard see if he can help me too!

S xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Current Mood: giggly giggly

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