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Well not feeling all that well today. Shouldn't actually be on here,… - Keeper of the Cages
Well not feeling all that well today. Shouldn't actually be on here, but what they heck?! Got this evil pain in my head. You know like when you've been hit on the head, rather like that, but it's at the back of my head. Made driving home from the train rather interesting. Lying down is good as it means things don't move around on me! Or I don't feel like meeting the floor.

Today was brilliant though. I understood what the guy was saying and some parts I really didn't want to be understanding like the correlation coefficient and the linear regression. ah well at least they give you those formulas in the exam. I mean it's going to be like A-Level maths again where one deducts what the heck they are supposed to be putting into the equation :D! I can make things up for Britain when it comes to exam waffle - and there are 3 hours to do it in. More than I had at uni you know! Pity I'm not taking the computer exam tho as that means 100% multiple choice, but then again with the written one you can still get the marks if you have your workings and then completely fudge them. Just means your numbers are slightly wrong, but the method is sound! Yeah paper is the way to go. I mean all the rest of them are paper based so best start getting back into the swing of it now rather than with the harder ones.

Right going to sleep now to try and fix myself. Hope I'm good by Friday otherwise Lindsay ain't going to be a happy bunny with me. Nearly Easter though :D!

Love S xxxxxxxxxxxx
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