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Okey dokey Well guess who's gone back to their old ways with study?!… - Keeper of the Cages
Okey dokey

Well guess who's gone back to their old ways with study?! Yup that would be me :D! Can you say "Last minute"?! Right so I have three practice exams that should be in for tomorrow before 5pm. Problem being that I'm in Mold until 5.15pm so can't take them and I can't post them as they wont get there until Tuesday. Was planning on having them done by like lunchtime today and then taking them up to Liverpool myself, but as usual I hadn't finished them until like a couple of hours ago. Luckily my brother is home from uni and can take them in for me. I shall probably have to give monetary reward, but still.

I really did mean to do all my work on time and it's so hard to do it last minute when one is at home with Parents asking questions and the having to go to work the next day so all nighters are not a possibility any more. Should have totally studied this for my degree and then I'd not be in such a mess. Ah well hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Lets hope I manage to do the second practice exams before they are due.

Oh and I'm not happy with several of my answers on the exams, but then again they are practice exams so at least I should learn from the mistakes and you know be all knowledgeable on what the heck I was doing wrong! Though one I really don't see where I went wrong as I know the numbers should zero, but this one just wouldn't. Maybe I chose the wrong apportionment criteria.

Bah can't be arsed with it now.

Off to sleep before waking tomorrow to deal with VAT month from Hell!

Nighty night night peoples :D!

Current Mood: dorky Educated

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