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To pass the time of day! - Keeper of the Cages
To pass the time of day!
Well I'm sitting in Reception at work doing absoltely nothing as all work is on the computer package that isn't in reception. That is actually rather fine with me as it means I get an extra hour to do nothing.

Today is sunny, actually it's been sunny for the past couple of days and I really like that, though haven't been out in it properly (driving to and from work and getting to and from my car don't count now do they?!) I hope it stays nice for this weekend.

Spud's going to London this weekend and I'm very jealous. There are so many plays that I want to go and see and he's not even going to see one. He is going with his girlfriend, Harriet, whom I rather like. Much nicer than his last girlfriend I can tell you!

Last night I made myself a greatest journal and an insane journal "just in case" which is really probably rather silly as I don't think, "touch wood", I'll get booted off here, but you never know and people seem to be moving over there is anticipation of trouble. I'm not sure I get what's going on, but from what I've gathered LJ needs to apologise to people and explain clearly what they mean instead of just jumping in and doing it. I need to read more I think.

Right well off to play spider solitare for the next 30 minutes as I can't properly surf lj in that time and people are likely to come in whilst I try it.


S xxx

P.S. new hair was had at the weekend! I love it, though I really should use my straightners on it instead of just leaving it once I've dried it. It has stripes and everything!

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