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BST is over oh the horror! - Keeper of the Cages
BST is over oh the horror!
Well last week I was getting up in the dark and going to work in the lightening morning then coming home as it was heading towards dark. This week due to the clocks going back I have so far woken up in the light, but last night I drove home in the pitch black. I didn't even notice it go dark so managed to suddenly look out my window at work and go "OH it's dark" at which point everyone went duh!

The new lad sits right next to my desk and seeing as I talk to myself constantly he must be quite worried! Poor lad, then again I think you have to be at least a little mad to make life sane.

Blah it's damp and cold again. Couldn't be bothered to wash my hair this morning so I'm going to go with the tied back hair thing which shall be interesting due to the many wispy bits that always fall out.

Not doing anything for halloween I don't think. Probably just sleeping. Then again one year I'd like to do the whole celebration thing for it and not the Hallmark version. I totally saw people all dressed up on Sunday night and I hope they weren't trick or treating, just going to a party 'cos I mean it wasn't halloween then. Most Haunted are doing a five night live show, which is rather interesting and when I don't have my laptop humming away I can usually hear the noises they hear. I just love it when Yvette gets all twitch and starts panicking :D!

Finished watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Veronica Mars. Am contemplating asking my boss and his wife to get me season 3 when they go to their house in America in a couple of weeks. I mean I have the dollars for them to do it so...We'll see, then again I could always ask my brothers friend to ask his girlfriend to send it over...

Right off to work now.

Really want actual tea today, but don't think Linda will want me using her tea pot for other tea then Jasmine, then again I might ask if I can have some Jasmine...

Is it nearly summer time yet?!

Love S xxxx

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