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Should be drying my hair but... - Keeper of the Cages
Should be drying my hair but...
Well it's still light this morning which is good, though it was awfully dark last night and people were driving silly.

It's Wednesday and that means that in two days time my Mum and Dad and Nanna are going to Leeds to visit some of my Nanna's friends. That means I have the house for me and the spud. Then again he'll be working and playing football so all shall be quiet. I really must revise this weekend. You know I wont but that's not the point.

Don't you hate it when you wake up and half your nose is blocked? I mean isn't it evil enough to have a cold lurking to jump out at you but to be all lacking in breathing is annoying! Shall have to take Neocitron before it gets huge. Wonder if my parents are going to go Switzerland or Austria this January...Hmmm if not I'll have to wait until like August to get any more.

Rather liking the halloween banner thingy. Would make a rather good background don't you think?

Oh yeah and today is Halloween so "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" to everyone!

Last night of Most Haunted tonight. It's rather good. Though I find the guy back in the studio with the stickyout ears amusing. I'm sure he played the gremlin on the adult learning advert!

Am wondering whether to ask my Boss and his Wife if they'd be going anywhere near a Virgin Megastores near their home in America or if I could order the DVD I want from Amazon US and get it sent to their address...Will ask his wife tomorrow when she's back in I think.

Drying hair I must before my Mum comes to see if I'm actually awake this morning!

TTFN Love S xxx

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