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Death Eater Takes a Holiday - Keeper of the Cages
Death Eater Takes a Holiday
Finally an update of this most brilliant fic by leelee_potter! I adore it and I was so very happy to see that it had been updated yesterday (though I didn't notice until this morning due to bein distracted looking for Bottom!Harry fics!)

Anyway so I did what I normally do I copied it into my e-mail to read at lunch seeing as today and tomorrow are the days I sit in reception for an hour with nothing to do mostly. So I read a large amount of the new chapter which is brilliant as always. The problem was I was trying not to laugh the whole time. And had to stop when I got to a great bit as I would have laughed out loud. Don't want people to ask what the heck I'm doing now do I?! Meant that I was actually smiling when answering the phone though!

Go read it now! I urge you to do it!

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