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Bored I'm not bored I'm just not fully employed - Keeper of the Cages
Bored I'm not bored I'm just not fully employed
Back to the normal blue heading thing I see. How sad I rather liked the witchy one!

Well last night was all about the Most Haunted Live show. Then again I did fall asleep before the end which was rather annoying. They were doing the final night at Plas Teg which is just down the road from where I work. The place seemed to be full of interesting ghostly things. They made Yvette Fielding go on her own to the cellars! Very funny!

You know I'm convinced work is haunted. There are some weird noises sometimes and I most definately don't want to ever be the last person here at night, especially if it's dark. I mean the buildings only about a hundred years old but still. Ghostly I feel it maybe!

Going to the cinema this weekend with Shell! Which reminds me that I must put all the pics from New York on to a disk for her! Such a pity that can't be in New York just before Christmas.

It's cold here in reception and there is nothing for me to do as it's all on the silly programs in the accounts room. Problem is I read the whole of the new Chapter of Death Eater Takes a Holiday yesterday when I got home and don't have anything interesting to read in my folder at the moment. Well it's got interesting stuff in it just I've read everything in there recently. Le Sigh.

They said that Austria and Switzerland had their first proper snow last week and that in Austria the first slope was able to open. I really want to learn to ski, but due to the fact that my brother decided that he was going to Vegas next summer with all his mates (Without taking me I might add) he can't afford to go Skiing with me in Jan/Feb time. Daddy even said he'd go, but blah. Looks like I'm going to have to wait another year as we couldn't go last year due to him studying. I'll just have to pin him down to it for next year so he can't get out of it! Then again where to go? I mean Austria Switzerland are good and I like them, but there's always Canada and the US. Though Daddy wont go to the US so I guess that narrows it to Canada, Austria or Switzerland or France and Italy I suppose. Hmmm soooo much choice it's hard to pick. Mummy wont ski though. Which is a pity, but she can still come too. Heee get her to go on one of those ski-mobile thingies! Charging around the mountains etc!

Well must close this now before the receptionist comes back from lunch. It's a drag having to delete the history everytime I go on the net. Blah.

Have a nice day now.

Love S xxxx

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