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Home alone at the moment, but am amusing myself with reading fic.… - Keeper of the Cages
Home alone at the moment, but am amusing myself with reading fic. You know the weekends aren't long enough for all the reading that could be done of not only fic but also other books too. They should make work 2 days and weekends 5 days.

Found some lovely Smallville fic to read. Thing was I was laughing lots at one of them and my phone started ringing - was my Dad phoning to say Hi and what not. I was trying awfully hard not to snort whilst talking to him and my Mum!

Work today was a bit weird. Well not weird just bity if you get what I mean. I'm finishing off all the jobs that the wee laddy does the tickybank and analysis for and the thing is he just does what the client does or puts everything under drawings which is not the way to do stuff. If in doubt give it its own column and at least then you can just put it in drawings and someone else can sort out where it goes later on. It's awfully frustrating and one basically has to start all over again to get it done. I know I need to just tell him straight but I don't have the time to do it. I have to do that work and my work and blah. I have gotten rid of one of my VATs to someone else and this time its my nasty takes forever to sort out one! Also means the guy wont be stalking me anymore so yay for that! And I didn't have to tell my boss that I didn't want to carry on doing the books due to feeling all shy and stalked. But was told that the guy might be doing his own VAT soon anyway as he wasn't happy with the bill he had from us. I mean it's not an easy job and he doesn't get the full billing from me anyway with a bookkeeping rate lower than my accounts rate and I don't always put down all the time I use to him anyway. Blah. Not my problem!

Going to St Helens tomorrow night for dinner and a movie, Rendition, with my darling friend Michelle! Can't wait as we're going to the Chinese. Lucky I didn't text home this afternoon when I had this huge want for Chinese. Had mac 'n' cheese with smoked garlic sausage in it for dinner. Was rather good even if I do say so myself!

Scotland next weekend which shall be absolutely brilliant. Haven't been up since the beginning of the year which is really bad.

Well I should probably go to bed as I've got to get up tomorrow. Does anyone have a Sidekick phone? I really want one and shall be going out to find out if I can get one tomorrow. Either that or a blackberry....We'll see!

Night night

Love S xxx

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