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Hmm want Pita Bread wih cheese in it toasted so the cheese melts.… - Keeper of the Cages
Hmm want Pita Bread wih cheese in it toasted so the cheese melts. Wish I hadn't had to throw away what was left of my Mac 'n' Cheese yesterday due to my brother being and idiot and not putting it in the fridge. That would have been lovely for lunch today.

Am too tired to get up and go to Chester today. The fog is out in force as in I can only see the next door garden from my window. Weirdly white. The Dementors must be out.

Woke up at 9am this morning for no reason. Was planning on sleeping a lot longer, but I guess it wasn't to be.

Last night was brilliant. Had lovely Chinese Buffet with Shell and then there was Rendition which is not one of Reese's Romantic usual movies. Intense it is. But rather good. The cinema was weirdly quiet when it finished which proves it was good and got people thinking.

Actually had to use my fog lights last night as the road into Froddy was a complete whiteout with the fog off the river and the navigation. Got in just after 12 to find the remains of my Brothers dinner all around the kitchen and he moans at me if I leave stuff for like 2 minutes after I've finished serving. Tidied that up and then headed to bed.

Mummy and Daddy are back today, proably tonight.

I think I'm going to try to sleep a bit longer now.

Love S xxx

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