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Siblings are stupid! - Keeper of the Cages
Siblings are stupid!
My brother is an idiot! He didn't tell me that Mum had asked him to get bread yesterday. Luckily I asked him if we were meant to get bread before it got to 4am. Would have been completely buggered if it'd be after as all the shops close by then. Having said that there really wasn't any bread in Tescos so had to make do with what I could find so if Graeme doesn't like it tough!

Was watching Sister Act downstairs and then Spuds mates appeared so now religated to my room while they watch some random fight on the tv downstairs.

Ghost Whisperer or Monk? Hmm I love them both. There is absolutely nothing else on either and I have the whole range of Sky Channels at my disposal. Shocking it is!

Current Location: My bed
Current Music: Monk on the tv

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