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Chinese again! - Keeper of the Cages
Chinese again!
Well Mummy and Daddy came home and decided that we would all go out for dinner to the Yuet Ben in Frodsham. Very nice Chinese restaurant and we had a banquet for four. Am still stuffed from it actually.

When we got home I started downloading a load of Microsoft updates and managed to kill my wireless connection. Had to drag my laptop downstairs to plug it in to the router and then finish updating the Microsoft files and then download the wireless software again. Now it seems to be running better so hopefully all should be well for a while.

I guess it's almost time to go to sleep as I have work tomorrow (today really as it's after midnight!) A week of work then a week of study followed by another week of work and then two weeks of study before it's Christmas! Scary thought that it's so close and I haven't even worked out which Operas and Ballets and Plays I am going to. I know there are several in London that I'm dying to see but that wont be done until January/February at the soonest. Will have to check what's on here before those. I have this awful feeling that the Operas and Ballet I wanted to see here have been and gone already. Ah well I shall just plod along and see what happens!

Night night

Love S xxx

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