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Caught a cold - Keeper of the Cages
Caught a cold
Yep it's that time of year when you go out and you know that the next day you'll have that rather sore throat thing that makes you croak for a while until your voice has warmed up or you've had at least two cups of really warm tea. So yeah that's me as I went out on Saturday night and didn't get home until after 12 and it was really foggy and I didn't have a scarf on...Woke up yesterday with the icky throat thing. Went out last night to the Chinese with out my scarf again and no substantial coat on and have the icky throat thing. Hope it doesn't turn into a full cold as I'm going to Scotland this weekend and what will one do then?

Work for four days this week and then a long weekend and after that VAT course and then four days of Law. Oh bugger it all it's almost exam time and I know absof-inglutely nada. I'm stressing it which is weird I never stress this early infact I tend to panic the day or two before then go "bugger it it'll be fine" and just get on with it. I just hope I don't have a complete panic attack in the exam again as that was a horrible thing to happen.

Well drying my hair at this point would be a good idea I feel.

See you all later I suppose.

Love S xxx

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