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I am Receptionist who are you? - Keeper of the Cages
I am Receptionist who are you?
Well I'm sitting in reception on an awfully wet and windy Thursday. I was hoping that it would be a bit nicer and not raining, maybe it'll stop by the time I get to go for lunch.

So on Tuesday I did see the incomparable Miss Yelland in her first stage appearance since Cheshire Youth Theatre! A brilliant time was had by me watching the two main plays and the three sketches that were performed by Moulton Drama Society. The first was "The Monkey's Paw" with the story of the magical paw that grants three wishes to it's holder, but the moral of the story is beware what you wish for as whilst you might get what you wished for the consequences are what you have to live with too. The acting was good. Following the interval there were 3 Harold Pinter sketches which had everyone, me included, laughing madly! I have no idea what they were called but they were very well done. Finally the main thing I went to see. "The Dear Departed" was the play that Kathryn was acting in. She played Victoria Slater and at the start there was a giggle that I new! Lol! Great pressence of the giggle! Anyway... this play was funny and I think all those acting in it were brilliant. And of course Kathryn definitly shone! I really would have liked to see them all again, but alas I am not going to be able to so if you get chance to go I would recommend it very highly! Bravo my dear friend Bravo!

Yesterday was sadly lacking in anything other than work. Oh and freezing! Had to clear all the DVDs from behind the sofa last night as we have a guy coming today to clean all the chairs and the rug in preparation for the shiny new carpet that shall be going in the lounge and dining room on Saturday. Thank goodness I'm totally not going to be there!

Well this is my last day in work this week as tomorrow I shall be driving up to Scotland to stay with Lisa and to have merry fun with everyone who's up there. I hope that the weather is better tomorrow, whilst I don't mind driving in the rain it just gets a bit annoying after a couple of hours. The plan is to go and see the Kyle exhibit in Glasgow on the Saturday and then see what happens after that! Am excited :D!

Has anyone see the thing on Amazon where you pay £49 a year and then you get guaranteed next day delivery (well as long as you order before the last post that is :D!) and then you don't have to pay any other delivery charges. All good so I thought I'd try it as I keep ordering things from there and well if I go for supersaver they sometimes take weeks and weeks (have waited nearly 2 months for some things) to deliver them due to not dispatching when they have them. It's annoying that so I'm thinking this will be a good thing.

So the question is do I read my new mystery book or do I read fic about the CLex?! I really want to do both, but as only have half an hour of lunch left I can't. Hmm maybe I'll leave the CLex until I get home... But then again as it's on the pooter it looks like I'm working which typing on here does, though as I'm being an accountant typing with the letters isn't really what I should be doing. I would offer to do audio typing, but I know if I do that I'd get lumbered with it on top of everything else. Ah well I can sit here and burble crap here I suppose!

Well off to read something or play Spider Solitar!

Love S xxxx

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