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Should have stayed in bed, but then again it was an adventure! - Keeper of the Cages
Should have stayed in bed, but then again it was an adventure!
So today was my Law Exam, but I suppose I should start at the beginning seeing as that's where all tales should start unless they are those ones that don't and then tell everything backwards. Momento confused me greatly and I still don't watch it when it's on the general tv. Just random it is!

Anyway now that I've gotten off the track I should hop straight back on and hope that I know where it leads...

Last night I totally couldn't sleep no reason really I just kept lying there and had my eyes closed, but my brain didn't seem to want to power down even listening to my "Most Relaxing Classics" CD and doing random Suduku puzzles didn't help. This lead me to finally falling asleep around 4.30am which as you can imagine is not condusive to being all wide awake and ready to be brainy in an exam.

Got up at 7 and got ready to go. Had planned on leaving just before 8 and getting the early train and if I'd left a couple of minutes earlier instead of you know brushing my teeth and putting my shoes on I would have been fine and gotten the early train but I didn't so what can you do? Totally found a parking spot in the first car park at the train station which I was majorly glad of seeing as I really didn't want to have to drive round all over the place. That leads to me getting peed off at the people who can't or wont park properly.

Went and waited on the platform for the train I normally get which would get me into Liverpool with enough time to spare for you know breathing and what not before the exam. They announced at 9am that the train from Birmingham to Liverpool had been delayed 17minutes due to works on the tracks. Fine enough though at 9am they were meaning that it was half an hour late really by the time it would arrive. Fine with me I should still make it. Then they announced that it was going to terminate at the next stop and not continue fully into town. Panic begins to set in here I can tell you! I asked the station person on the platform how I'd get from the next station into the centre and was told that there was a MerseyRail Train that went to Central station and possibly Moorfields which is just above where I wanted to be. Great so decided that staying and getting the train was a good idea.

Got on the train, but everyone who had been on it got off, I think because they'd been told that it wasn't going much further and hadn't been told that you could get a different train into other areas of the city center.

When we got to the next station there was noone on the platform to ask so raced up and over to the main building to almost cry at this women about where to get the train for the main part of town. Missed the train by 3 steps as I was heading down them to the platform they closed the doors and went. The next train wasn't until like 9.39, bearing in mind that my exam started at 10am. Spent the next 10 minutes jigging on the platform wishing the train would hurry up and be early.

Got the train and when arrived at Moorfields there was noone to ask how I got to the Town hall from there by now it was like 2 minutes to 10 and I was getting desparate. Saw a group of guys over the road and went to ask them how to get there when they said "Sorry we're from Glasgow and have no idea" Great I pick the one group of workers that have no idea about the city. Randomly attacked som guy who did know and pointed me through the arch. Thing is it brought me out the back of the town hall and to get in you have to go allllllll the way round it and it's not a small building really. It's nice and square with railings etc.

Got there all out of breath from running and had missed 5 minutes of the new reading time that they have given us. Not too bad but still panting - I really need to get into shape, but then again meh you know I'm not going to!

The questions were ok I guess. Some of them I didn't have a foggiest what to say, but I still answered them anyway. I just hope I got a few marks for them. The three scenario questions at the end I rather liked. I mean I could answer them and as long as I've stated the law completely then I should be ok I hope.

Finished that and walked to Lime Street Station to get the train home. Wasn't so bad that part as all the maintenance on the lines is from the Birmingham end. Got back to Runcorn and Mum told me to take my car across the bridge to get it looked at as the paint is mysteriously peeling off it and it's not as if it's in a place that I could chip it you know. Got the guy to check it and take pics so they can send it to Nissan so I've got to wait a week to find out what they are going to do about it.

Found I had a flatish tyre and so drove back over the bridge to go to Asda to get petrol and pump the tyres up. Got to the petrol and went looking for my petrol credit card (totally good when I get 2p off every litre!) but couldn't find it so decided that £10 would do me fine for the next couple of days. There was a queue at the air machine so went to the shell garage to use their machine and got covered in loads of much from the tyres.

When I finally got home I bashed my elbow on the wall and decided that going back to bed was the best idea ever! So this is where I've been since like 4pm apart from the trip to have dinner before and now I shall actually go to sleep as I have work tomorrow and need to be on my toes and ready to demolish the mountains I know are sitting on my desk ready to eat me when I get in.

Only on day in and then a day at college and then a day in and then it's the weekend so all will be well yes?!

Right now I've bored you all silly I'm off to sleep.

Oh and before I go the next chapters of "Death Eater Takes A Holiday" have been posted and it's brilliant as ever! The only downside is that it's nearing the end. What will have to look forward to when it's done???? If you haven't read it yet I urge you to. leelee_potter is a genius!

Nighty night

S xxxx

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