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Its over for a couple more months! - Keeper of the Cages
Its over for a couple more months!
Well today was my last exam of this session and of this year. Hopefully that's 5 down only another 9 to go! Ah it's not too bad I mean that 4 next year 4 the year after and then just one or something like that I suppose!

I feel an awful lot better today. With that bit of pressure off for a while I think I'm ready to deal with life again or at least some of life.

As everyone has said I've been avoiding them and anything remotely resembling reality for the vast majority of this year. I just think I didn't want to acknowledge all that was going on in my life and all the stress I was feeling over studying again. It was easier to pretend that life outside didn't exist and it also didn't hurt as much.

So I suppose this is about the time that I acknowledge to myself that my Nanna died two weeks ago. I think it's time to actually grieve and process and then maybe in the new year things will be better.

It's been such a terrible year and I shall be glad to see the end of it. I know what I want to do at midnight on new years eve. I plan to burn all the bad things that have happened this year and start a fresh with 2008 which will be a good happy year.

Am looking into buying a house with a friend. Not to live in you understand, but to rent out. I'm quite interested in the idea, but there is just some stuff I need to sort out in my own head and I don't want to get their hopes up if I end up not being able to do it. Mummy and her Mum are all for it but Daddy seemed a little reserved about it. Don't get me wrong it's a brilliant opportunity and as I have at least another 3 years of study here I wont be going anywhere soon that will require me to have cash for buying my own place. I'm rather excited by the prospect of a house though. It's rather grown up and cool.

Well I'd best be off to sleep now as tomorrow I have to be in work again and I need to pin the practice partner down so I can get my Practical Experience Requirement signed off for the year before 1st January and also get a cheque for my membership to the insitute!

Hope you all have sweet dreams and I'll see you tomorrow.

Love S xxx

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