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Stupid study. - Keeper of the Cages
Stupid study.
Well so far I've passed 4 out of 14 exams and failed 1. I'm not worried about the fail though as apparently quite a few people failed. Ah well makes my exam timetable this semester quite interesting as I'm off to Barcelona for the weekend before the exams then the day after I get back home I have my resit of law then the next day is the Audit exam. At least its a week to the last exam. It'll make life fun you know!

Blah. I, and quite a few friends from Uni, find it hysterical that I'm the only one still studying especially when I was the one that couldn't be bothered with actually working at my Studies when at Uni. I'm the worst person for motivation when it comes to study. I just find other interesting things, and even none interesting things! Weird how everyone who said they were going to continue haven't. Then again I never said I wasn't going to continue studying, I always knew it was in my very near and almost immediate future. I did manage to put it off, but on occassion I think not long enough!

Hmmm flicked channels and now have Die Hard with Avengeance. Jeremy Iron is quite good I think. First saw him in Danny the Champion of the World, which I saw at Junior School in the main hall one Christmas. Or at least I think that's the first time I saw him in something, but didn't really watch all the much tv of films when I was younger. Highschool was where I started watching excessively lol!

I guess it's an evening for burbling rubbish here! I will stop soon. One more post I think and then that's that for the night.

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