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Musings - Keeper of the Cages
Why is it for years when one doesn't have anything important to say other than I'm waiting for my next lecture to start in an hour continual posting occurs, but as soon as there is a lot more that needs to be written down even if only to be looked at by the poster there is a severe lack in posting? It's weired really. Ah well.

Then again in my case I think it's because I plan posts in my head and then talk them to death in my head so when I could post them I've talked myself out of posting. I talk myself out of a lot of things! lol!

Right better head to bed, or at least give my Dad back his laptop so he can check his e-mails before bed. Hopefully should get it back before I do fall asleep so surfing can occur for a bit.

Wonder if Clair will be in work tomorrow. If not that will mean listening to music which I want to do. Much better than sitting in silence! Or getting questioned when I huff and puff while getting frustrated by what I'm sorting! Only 1 day in work though which means 3 days in Liverpool studying. Brainy stuff or mind numbing depending on how tired I am!

Right stopping in rambling rubbish now!

Current Location: My Bedroom
Current Mood: relaxed Talkative
Current Music: Most Haunted on TV

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