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Did you know that it's exactly 9 months to Christmas today?! What a… - Keeper of the Cages
Did you know that it's exactly 9 months to Christmas today?! What a scary thought seeing as I'm sure Christmas has only just happened!

Means I should start planning or something. The thing is if I do that I don't have safe places to keep things, or I do and they are so safe I can never remember where they are and what I've got. Complete seive for a brain me!

Am now sitting on reception while Tracy goes to the doctors. Which reminds me I need to book an appointment with the blood nurse this week. Should probably go out to the car at lunch to book an appointment. I don't mind having blood tests done so long as I get to watch them take the blood. I hate not looking. The nurses always try to turn my head though as if I'd faint or something?! I suppose some people do which is why they try to insist. My thing is that it's my arm and I'd quite like to see what they're sticking and where, seems to hurt more if you can't see it but only feel it. Tried to book an appointment on Saturday but the surgery was closed and it would have been so good if I'd been able to get in this morning as it means I wont have to miss any of college which it looks like I will have to do so that I can get it done. It's not even as if I need a blood test just that I've been having electrolosis done and the other week the woman nicked me and then while she was getting rid of the needle she nicked herself and as she's pregnant she's all worried about things. I mean I don't think I have anything, but she's worried so I'm going to have to have tests done. I don't mind the testing thing except if they find something bad which I didn't know I had or something tho it would be an excuse to check that my random other illnesses were behaving and that I'm not lacking in iron etc. Ah well. What can you do? Blah.

Bored now really seeing as I don't have anything I can do whilst sat here. Also got an hour of it at lunch time too, so should be fun then. Hmm wonder if I can go surfing later. Or see whats been going on on here. Blooming freezing it, but that's probably because there hasn't been anyone in since Thursday and there is the large hall which this opens into with no chance of closing a door to keep heat in.

Well I suppose I should get off here before Tracy comes back and I have to log-off quickly. Argh phone again! Why do people keep phoning? Oh I know why it's reception! They shouldn't you know. Would make my life easier.


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