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So the earliest I could get at the doctors was like 10.50am on the… - Keeper of the Cages
So the earliest I could get at the doctors was like 10.50am on the 2nd April which is rather a while away. The thing was the first time she gave me was 1st April 12.30pm which is really silly as I work in Mold which takes me an hour to get home from so I'd no sooner get to work than I'd have to go home and then there wouldn't be much point in driving all the way back to work just for about 3 hours. Way too many trips in one day. Really was hoping for an 8am test, but that's usually for the fasting ones and I don't think the ones I need are fasting and if I find out that they need to be blooming heck to stupid receptionists!

Ah well we'll find out soon anyway. Then again so long as I don't eat/drink from 10pm the night before it'll all be good. I mean water is allowed anyway so I can do that.

Mmmm Eccles Cake from Gerrards the Bakers. They are rather brilliant Eccles cakes from there as they always have LOADS of Toffee stuff on the bottom from when they are cooked and the sugar and fruit make toffee stuff. Rather reminds me of bonfire night with toffee and toffee apples. Mmmm.

Right back to work before Lindsay comes to see what I'm doing.

S xxxx

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