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This is getting ridiculas - Keeper of the Cages
This is getting ridiculas
Today was spent in College in Liverpool. That would have been fine if I hadn't been so tired. I mean I got 8 hours sleep last night and I just couldn't find the energy to stay awake all day. I resorted to drinking triple shot coffee (2 of them) at lunch and it didn't do anything. I mean Caffien doesn't seem to affect me in any way shape or form, but I was hoping.

I think there might be something wrong. Not sure what, but it's not normal to be this tired all the time is it? Maybe I should go the doctors or something.

In other today news I went to the cinema with Michelle and we saw Step Up 2 which is brilliant! Made me want to dance and bop and it was great! Got to go see it again I think. Had tea at Bella Italia afterwards and then came home to sleep which I am going to do now.

Take Care

Love S xxx

Current Mood: tired tired

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