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Slightly better day! - Keeper of the Cages
Slightly better day!
Thank goodness I was more awake today. I couldn't handle another day like yesterday with out the really being lacking in sleep. I mean if I feel tired because I haven't slept then that's all good 'cos totally my fault you know. But being dead tired when I've slept the you know requisit 8 hours is not good.

I have this weird internal clock thing that goes click you've had you're required 7/8 hours sleep get up now...whether my alarm is going off or not and usually about half and hour before it's supposed to. Ah well. Only 1 more day of college and then yay weekend here I come!

Actually am going out tomorrow night to the pub. It's like the second time I'll have been out this week! I know sit down and get over the shock or something! I've been out bowling twice in three weeks and the Cinema with Shell once in that time.

Having fun actually going out with people. I just wish it didn't turn into such a huge like whine thing a lot of the time. That just takes all the fun out of doing things when I know that if we just go things will be good, or maybe that's just a facade? I don't know I'm rather confused. It's like yeah brilliant when we're all together but it seems like so much effort to get the together thing and also feels like they just don't want to get together. I don't know what to do. I know what my Mum and everyone else says - just ignore it, leave them to do what they like and do your own thing. Which is easy to say but when you've been friends for so long its hard to let go. Also the sad fact is that I don't have all that many friends at home. Yeah yeah oh poor me! Lol! Not that it bothers me I like me and my life (alright that's a lie as it's only most of the time but I mean who likes both themselves and their lives all the time that my darlings would be boring!). Yes I know I used to be rather a broken record but I hope I've grown up now and can live my life quite alright on my own and once I can actually afford to have my own space it'll be cool.

So I'm at the point in studying where I just want to give up. Not because it's all that hard, nor because I don't like it - it's just because I'm tired and I want my time to be my own again. I'm so glad I didn't try and work while I was at Uni. I mean I had the time to do it and I could have done a part time job, but I didn't and if I had well I would have even more whiney at uni than I was! And at this precise moment in time you're going "thank goodness for that"! My thought's on this is well my journal I can whine and moan until whenever!

I'm signing this one off, but I'll post just one more post about my new tv loves in like a few minutes!

Love and words of unwisdom (is that even a word?!)

S xxx

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