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I've fallen in love and it's all ITV2's fault! - Keeper of the Cages
I've fallen in love and it's all ITV2's fault!
Right so 2 years ago (OMG how could it be that long ago?!) when I was travel girl I found all this brilliant American / Canadian programming, well I mean come on I was in those two countries and I did watch tv on occassion! Anyways I saw all these lovely trailers for tv programs and even watched some of them and didn't dare hope that they'd one day be picked up by a UK channel.

To my suprise and great happiness they were. I have now become a complete loone over Supernatural - who wouldn't I mean Sammy and Dean are hot and it's a brilliant show (even if I'm not allowed to watch it when I'm in the house on my own due to spooking myself!)

Psyche I loved it when I saw it while in New York one year is actually on Hallmark here! Very funny and all detectory. I think an awful lot of my tv watching and book reading revolves around mysteries and crime dramas. It's weird, but good fun.

Moving on...Gossip Girl they were advertising it in New York last October while I was there and it's been teasing me since then. I thought there is a good possibility it'll get picked up here. Then there were all the trailers and teasers for ITV2 saying they'd gotten it along with Bionic Woman (which from what I've seen I rather like!) But the thing was they never gave dates, just comeing soon everytime. Finally the pilot for Gossip Girl aired tonight and I'm loving it! Can't wait until next Thursday so I can watch it! Brilliant it is :D!

They're now advertising Pushing Daisies which looks good too so I'll look out for it, but Gossip Girl has been teasing me since like October which my dears is a very long time.

Well I'd best be getting to sleep before it's midnight. Just one more day to go before sweet oblivion of sleep! Though maybe I should go to the doctors just to check it's not something more serious than just lacking in exercise. Nah what's the point I mean what are they really going to say other than go exercise and take vitamins or some such rubbish? I'm fine for now and I have time to crash after June 10th is done and done.

S xxx

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