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Thank goodness for weekends! - Keeper of the Cages
Thank goodness for weekends!
I can say I was very happy to reach Friday afternoon. It kept being a slow crawl until poof it was there and I even managed to catch the 4.15 train to Runcorn! Very ecstatic about that seeing as I didn't have to wait another half an hour in the trainstation before getting home!

So Friday night went to the Helsby Arms with Mike, Nat and Mark. Was good fun with chilling and what not. Random chatter was had by all. We were the last people in the pub which seemed to close early as everyone else left. Ah well.

Saturday morning I lounged around and most of the afternoon until Graeme phoned the house and asked to be driven to the hospital. That boy needs some serious help! I mean he gets injured nearly everytime he leaves the house! He'd only been going back to football for the past week or so and this week someone stomped on his foot and broke his toes in like the first 5-10mins. Instead of stopping playing he played on until halftime when he decided it was a bit too painful - hence calling to be taken to the hospital. My car had no petrol which was not my fault as I didn't intend on going out yesterday. So had to drive his car which I'm not normally allowed near so I drove it a bit more carefully than I would my own until I got used to it. Anyway took him up to Warrington Hospital and stayed there with him until my mum came and took over waiting with him. When he finally came home, which wasn't as late as normal, we all went to the Yuet Ben in Frodsham for Chinese. Brilliant dinner it was with China tea and everything.

Today being Sunday is normally a day of sitting back doing absolutely nothing, was spent half in my room asleep/dozing/surfing the net and watching "Ill Met By Moonlight". Then spent the rest of the day in the shiny new Costa in Frodsham. It's rather nice if you ask me. Nice chairs and I've fallen in love with the leather sofa there - would totally love it for my house if I ever get one. You sort of just slide into it and don't want to leave it!

Well tomorrow I'm in work so that shall be good or not. I don't know who's in but I'm hoping for a day of headphones. Though I think that Ben's in so maybe I wont be lucky. We'll see.

Right well I'd best get to sleep seeing as I lost an hour today due to silly British Summer Time starting. Ho hum - bright side my car clock now tells the right time! Which shall confuse me for the next couple of days until I sort it out in my head!

Hope your weekend was good and that nothing too terrible occured.

S xxx

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