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Back to work - Keeper of the Cages
Back to work
Well seeing as I've lost out on an hour it doesn't seem all that clever to not sleep until like after 4am now does it?! Well that's totally what happened and now I'm wavering between a wake and space cadette! Ah well it wont be too bad. Though I've got a job I need to think about as it's a follow up and I can't do that half asleep!

Ben passed his driving test last week and if now a proud driver! lol! One more car for the carpark.

Hmm my toys on my desk are looking a bit dusty...really should dust them shouldn't I?! Will do that one day I'm sure. Should really dust all round my desk seeing as the adding machine is rather dusty and what not. Can't be bothered to do it today.

Back to serious accounts I suppose. But I should be back as I'm wanting to finish a fic I was reading before coming to work...I had like only a little bit left to read and blah was going to be super late if I didn't get a move on!


S xxx

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