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Morning! - Keeper of the Cages
Why is it so much harder to wake up when you're having a proper night's sleep than it is when you're getting a very short night's sleep? It makes no sense! This morning I just so didn't want to get up the only thing making me get up was the thought that if I didn't I'd be rushing more that I want to.

Oh and the shower upstairs is broken, but I didn't let that stop me from using it! It's the switch that turns it from cold water to hot so all we've got is cold water. Thing is that doesn't bother me all that much - Hostel showers are colder you know! So all I did was get washed. Didn't bother with my hair so it's tied back today. Hmm does a cold shower feel warmer on ones hands than it does everywhere else? I guess as I was still warm from being wrapped up in my quilt. Oh well it half woke me up so all is well-ish!

Just 3 more days until Geneva! Am sooo excited! I miss 2 days of work and get to go being Switzerland.

Right well best be off to delete all the history on here before my dad takes it back to work with him. Oh how I miss my baby. I'm thinking it's looking like a "You'll have to buy a new laptop" sort of thing as I tried switching it on last night but after about a minute the noise started up again, the safemode screen appeared and then it just stayed black with the little eggtimer thing going. My pooor pooor baby. (At least I got the majority of my things off it before it died this time!

Going now.


S xxx

Current Location: My bed
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Current Music: Motorway noises over the valley

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