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My Morning. - Keeper of the Cages
My Morning.
What a blooming waste of time.

First I went to Sainsbury's and bought some water and 2 packets of Oreos - one for tonight and one to eat in work (well I haven't eaten/drunk anything since tea last night which was about 7pm) It was weird being in there before like 9am as there was hardly anyone in there.

Next went to Borders to wander around and hopefully buy a card. I spent about 45 minutes wandering around borders for no reason. Though I bought a card. Was tempted by a travel guide for Boston, but thought I'd better not. Might find it somewhere else cheaper(hopefully!)

Drove over to the Outlet part of Cheshire Oaks and wandered all round the shops there until they opened. Tried on some nice shirts in TM Lewin, but didn't get them. Bought some new hair clips so that I don't get too annoyed with my hair while I'm away.

Got back to the car and had to drive to the doctors behind people who couldn't drive! Way too slow for words.

When I was in the doctors I didn't have to wait all that long as I got there about 5 minutes before the appointment time. So I went in and sat to talk to the blood lady (phlebotomist). She decided that I needed to see my doctor about the tests as she didn't think they were necessary. My doctor had finished for the day so now I have to go back at 8.30am next Thursday to see him to have chat. Hopefully I'll remember to talk to him about feeling crappy too! I guess if I'm going to have to see him anyway I might as well talk about me not feeling 100%.

So drove all the way to work - driving a bit too fast, but it was after 11am and I'd missed most of the morning. Got to work and some complete idiot had parked across the entrance to the carpark. Drove back around and went to Bevans carpark where there weren't any spaces and I had to park right at the bottom of it.

I'm rather angry at the moment. Not for any specific reason, just that I wasted a lot of time today and I don't have the time to do that at work. Which would be why I'm posting on here wouldn't it?!

Right I'd better go take a bathroom break before carrying and heading to reception to cover Chris' lunch.

I should have just gone back to bed after the spider incident!

*breathes deeply* "I am calm, people are daft and you can't change that, I am going on holiday it will be alright!" See all good now ;)!

Hope you're having a better day


S xxx

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