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Is it home time yet? - Keeper of the Cages
Is it home time yet?
Short answer to that is NO! A whole 2 hours and 15 minutes left to this day. I need a nap or something.

Oh dear Lindsay is back which means no more work will be done as he'll be asking loads of questions and annoying me. Oh well what can one do? He is the boss.

So after going upto Kathryn's last night to watch tv and sign the wedding card for someone from school Daddy told me the news about my poor baby pooter. It's very very sick, almost dead. That's the easiest thing to say. The fan was what was making the noise - apparently because it had lots of hair wrapped around it. Well my response to that is it's due to the fact that the thing is underneath the laptop so if there's anything on the surface where it's been put it's bound to suck it in. Also the hard drive is very very sick. Russ said he could salvage a hard drive from another laptop that someone had killed and put it in mine and then just transfer over whatever he could from mine to the new one. Hopefully he can do it because at this point in time I can't afford to be replacing my baby and I'm getting fed up with using Daddy's laptop, which is nice and all, but not mine with my links and everything else there.

Well I'd better get back to Accounts before Lindsay comes down again to see me.

Just today left then holiday! 2 hours wooohoooo!


S xxx

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