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Quick roundup since I last posted

I know I go away and then don't come back and post! What a silly thing to do!

Anyway Geneva was brilliant! The weekend was great and relaxing and nice. I really didn't want to come home!

Well I went back to the doctors after the weekend in Geneva and saw my doctor who said it was a waste of time, but he'd get the tests done for me. After he'd worried me stupid about insurance difficulties etc for having had tests done. Wasn't the most relaxing day I can tell you. I got the results last week and they were normal which I knew they would be but you know what happens when you have tests or what not you get so worked up that you start to imagine the worst and get all worried.

Spent a last week out on audit to St Helens which wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I just don't think that's the sort of thing I'd like to be doing very often really. It was nice for a change and meant that I could totally understand and appreciate why my old boss at DeWitt's was so completely anal and picky about things! If only everyone was that bad :D!

This week has all been about getting as much done as possible. If it haadn't have been for going out on audit the week before my work would have been in a better shape of done. Oh well nothing I can do about it really.

Next week and the week after is college. I just don't want to go. I'm getting tired again. I managed 2 whole weeks of none-tiredness and this week well I've been getting steadily worse. I think it's all about stress and not feeling in control anymore. I don't want to be studying anymore I don't like it. I don't spend enough time in work and I don't deal so well with lots of things going on no matter how much it seems that I do.

It's just the height of crappy at the moment. No not through anything major just everything and anything. First I don't know what I've done but my bestfriend seems to hate me. Well actually that's not true I have an idea what I've done and that is being a very rubbish friend so I can't really complain about her hating me can I? I mean last year I basically hid away when I should have been going out with her and this year I haven't been much better though I have tried. I really just want to ask what I've done wrong but I don't know how to or if I could - yes I'm a coward and you all know it by now! Study/work I've moaned about enough yeah?! Uncle David (a family friend) is in the High Dependency Unit and it's not looking good. I hope he gets better soon though. His wife and family need him and it's just not fair if something happens to him too.

Happier note tomorrow am going for coffee and possibly cinema with Mike and maybe Kat but we'll see what happens.

Only a month and a couple of days until Barcelona! I can't wait! Sun and wine before the exams :D! Could it be more perfect?! Well yes if I wasn't coming home for exams the next morning!

Right well I should be off to sleep now I suppose.

See you all sometime

S xxx
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