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Almost missed the train - Keeper of the Cages
Almost missed the train
Well made it with about a minute 2 spare! Did have 2 park in the stupid carpark which means I shall now have 2 go up & over when I get back 2nite but atleast I made the train.

Hmmm not so bouncy this morning. Guess I should have gone to sleep instead of watching Gossip Girl. Then again GG isn't on that late but I've been going to sleep round about half nine ten-ish only to be woken by someone in my family about an hour later! But that means I've been quite awake for the past week which is a miracle & a first for this stage of college!

Oh there was excitement on Wednesday night when I was woken at 1am by the my dad's voice as he talked on the phone with the firebrigade! Yeah they even came out with flashing lights! He saw flames & their reflection over the road when locking the door. The only downside is that there aren't any nice looking firemen in Froddy so very dull. No idea what happened tho as they went off after a bit & I was too tired to keep looking!

Yesterday was vote day for the local elections. They have the polling station in my old junior school now as where they used to have it is now a home. Stupid people buying such buildings! Anyway went and voted so we'll see what happens - probably nothing, but from the radio it seems that Labour have lost quite a few councils.

Better go as am now heading into Lime Street Station.

S xxx

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