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Is it home time yet?! - Keeper of the Cages
Is it home time yet?!
I totally started typing the heading etc on this in the last break at college.

So glad that's all over now until the end of the month! Just auditing to be done next week. Had Aiden teaching as Paul was ill. Aiden taught the first paper I did and he's just rather boring in his delivery & sort of leaves you hanging when you can't tell if he's making you do the question or if he's going work through it with you. Oh well not that it bothers me. I just hope Paul is better for next week, tho maybe not the Monday seeing as its the bank holiday & I'd like to have the holiday!

Mmm dinner & cinema with Michelle tomorrow. Maybe shopping as well! Hope I don't end up annoying her too much. Am missing out on Clare's birthday dinner which is sad but was booked already for this saturday.

Sitting on the Birmingham train now waiting for it to leave as Aiden kept talkin past 4pm. If they finish just before 4pm I can slide on to the earlier London train which means less sitting in traffic to get home. Blah.

So the other situation is not getting better & there is no sign that it will get better. I'm at my wits end with what to do. I got so annoyed the otherday & it wasn't really for a valid reason but then again it was if you know what I meant. I sent a quote from a fic I'd read ages ago & suddenly found again. Ok it had a minor mention of MPreg in it but I had said ignore that bit. I should have just cut it but I didn't have the time to do it. All I got back was a rant. If it'd been the other way round I would have read & just laughed at the reasoning behind the quote but ignored whatever it was that squicked me. Gah it just annoyed me & I spent the day & everytime I thought about it getting frustrated. I'm being petty aren't I? I need to not do that and get over stuff. Well I'll keep working on it!

Trains full now & we should be leaving in a minute. Gonna shut up now!

Love S xxx

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