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Bank Holiday Mondays are not meant for this - Keeper of the Cages
Bank Holiday Mondays are not meant for this
No they most certainly are not meant for sitting in college - they are meant for lying in bed listening to the rain & reading fic on the internet! Or in true British Bank Holiday fashion sitting in a traffic jam with millions of caravans & other cars trying to get somewhere or other mainly Wales or the Lake District!

Saturday was fun - went to Cheshire Oaks with Michelle for shopping, dinner & cinema. Didn't spend too much money but did go into Pilgrim which lead to buying earings & a choker! Had dinner at Prezzo again which is nice but they took so long to bring our dinner that we missed the film we wanted to see. Saw The Oxford Murders instead which is ok sort of a mixture of Inspector Morse & The Da Vinci Code. Wasn't as good as I thought it would be but oh well.

Yesterday went for lunch at a pub in Wales near Wrexham. It was really nice. Had chicken parfait then a steak burger & berry & apple crumble to finish. Absolutely huge portions! Oh an lovely beer! Am going to have to try going again soon!

Well its taken nearly all day to write this & am now nearly at the last 45mins of the day. Better sign off before I forget about it!

S xxx

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