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Rose Tinted much?! - Keeper of the Cages
Rose Tinted much?!
I think the best time was 6th Form and 1st year Uni. I mean no responsibilities just attend classes, spend time staring into space, talking rubbish from all angles, going out whenever and coming back whenever. Sleep not needed to function.

Work/study combinations suck. Leads to longing for a simpler life and sleeping until it's all over!

I'd gladly take my A-Levels again twice right now if I didn't have to study Accountancy at the moment! I'd even actually study rather than coasting and making things up as I go along. The days of English Literature with Shakespeare are just a happy memory *sigh*!

Yeah I've lost it! I'm wishing backwards and missing High School! Rose tinted it is.

I blame the music I keep hearing on the radio and on tv programs. It's like they purposely play music from then and I wish for that time back.

Ah well back to the reality that is my life of work study sleep and occasional escape.

Night night darlings

S xxxx

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