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Oh dear! - Keeper of the Cages
Oh dear!
Yeah well me & alcohol are a bad idea when I know that I'm heading for a bit of a breakdown! Oh gordon bennet! And I'm not one for forgetting what I did or said so its going to torment me for the next week or so. There really has to be a way of switching that side of me off or something. Im going to have to apologise to aunty yvonne & keith. I know I'll be ok now for a while. Should have stopped after the sherry!

Well its only just 6am & I'm yawing like anything but I'm not likely to get to sleep again now.

I've been reading some very good fic lately - mostly of the smallville veriety & there are some very talented writers about especially danceswithgary her writing is brilliant.

Right well I'll leave this here & hope that Yvonne won't mind me too much this morning.

S xxx

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