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One week to go... - Keeper of the Cages
One week to go...
Yes that's right one week to go until my auditing exam and I'm currently sitting in college doing the question day where u pretend to do the exam all day. I can safely say I know nothing and this exam is going to be a rather spectacular failure!

Maybe I should do as Yvonne said and just quit it. Hmmm you have no idea how tempted by that idea I am! Life would be just so simple and I wouldn't get into such a mess. But then again I wouldn't have as good a chance at getting what I want. So I suppose that clinches it doesn't it I'm going to have to stick it out until its done.

Started this in college but the battery went on my phone. Was going to charge it in the car for a bit on the way to the train station but the plug was in the boot. Ah well could have been worse. Am now sitting in the carpark at Cheshire Oaks waiting for Shell to get here for dinner & then... Sex And The City!!!!!! We are very excited!

Right better end this now before she gets here.

S xxx

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