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Not a happy place in sight - Keeper of the Cages
Not a happy place in sight
Yep I'm not in a happy place at the moment. I'm way too stressed about the exams and the family thing and other general little things that wouldn't matter if I weren't so stressed out about the rest.

I'm at the cry at anything and throwing up stage which would be fine if I weren't going to Barcelona for the weekend with the girls from work. I mean Yvonne thinks I'm a nutter already you know! I'm not that much of a nutter I hope. I've just lost my centre for the moment which makes me a bit broken, but I'm good to go you know!

I seriously need to find my centre soon or it could be a disaster.

Need to watch a movie that makes me laugh so I can cry it all out.

Sex and The City made me laugh and then lead to tears! But it is really good and made for the smiles!! I'm not going to spoiler 'cos people might kill me if I say anything but I really did like it!

Better run 'cos if I can't convince my Mum to phone work for me I've gotta go so getting ready would be a plus.

S xxx

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