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A New Year and it's already flying! - Keeper of the Cages
A New Year and it's already flying!
Oh my it's now the 22nd January 2009!

In that case I guess my resolution should be put in stone or as close to stone as it gets!

It's not original, but it's a good one I think.... "Let it go"

Nothing fancy or you know "I will stop eating crap and I will lose weight etc etc" I know that I wont keep that kind of resolution, at least not until my studying days are over anyway.

So what do I mean? Well I mean to let all the little things and the big things that annoy me and make me angry go. Don't let them hurt me more than an initial sting and then shrug it off. Life is too short and if things don't go the way I think they should well there's nothing to do but forget it!

Right on with watching "Working Girl" such a brilliant movie!
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