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Random! - Keeper of the Cages
Ok Very short tute 'cos only one person presenting, but I gotta go to my lecture! Had to run in and see if anyone loved me!!

jigglyfrog is a bad bad person! I had certain thoughts in my head whilst trying to listen to the presentation! Totally on a tangent and I couldn't help smiling and it was just bad and wrong! But I love you for those thoughts! so big hug and a kiss for it! :D BYE BYE xx
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From: jigglyfrog Date: March 31st, 2003 12:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
heehee!!!! you think YOU have bad thoughts??????????
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: April 2nd, 2003 04:27 am (UTC) (Link)


Babes I know I do and I certainly know that you do ;)! Heeee! It's all good though my love *giggles!* though I have an essay to write and all I can think about is that! ;) I love it! Mmmmm nummy! P.S. Share any thoughts! I likes! *Grins! Then Smirks!*
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