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Crisp Butties...! - Keeper of the Cages
Crisp Butties...!
Not a good time to be craving a crisp butty, but I am and there is no way on earth I could get away with heading down to the kitchen and making one without anyone finding out. Stupid 2.30am food wishings! Not that one should really be eating them anyway, but they are just so good and I can't not love them. I do get envious when one of the women at work makes crisp butties, but seeing as I have sandwiches and I don't have crisps at work well I can't. Anyway they are noisy and that would be bad too!

Thank goodness it's the weekend now though. Two whole days of nothing, which i like, but doesn't induce me to sleep any quicker.

Thought I'd lost everything before off my laptop. It's been playing up for the last couple of days and when I managed to get it loaded and running properly I tried reopening Firefox and restoring my last session....nothing appeared, all my bookmarks had gone missing and I nearly cried. I mean how am I supposed to remember what I have on like 8 windows with a minimum of 6 tabs open on each one (some head up to 14!) and all those bookmarks, not as extensive as my last baby, but still bookmarks I'm not sure I have anywhere else. Closed the window again and tried it again and Oh how happy I was when it opened all the old windows and the tabs! Such a happy happy person! I think I should back up my baby again tomorrow (today) that way I wont have to worry about losing too much. I have learnt from the past, but still not enough to keep backing up!

Next post is going to be serious so I'm going to stop here and head on to that one so all frivolity is separate!

S xxx

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