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Thoughts on time/energy saving spells - Keeper of the Cages
Thoughts on time/energy saving spells
Right so if wizards can use spells to turn on and off lights, bring things to them, wash the dishes, moving things around and generally do everything for them...Why don't we see fat lazy wizards everywhere?????? I mean there is no real need for walking as they can apperate most places, portkey if they wish and floo. I don't understand why you get the impression that all wizards are slim or at least if they are big they are built with muscles and bone structure. I is confusing me grately and I really want to know. Have I been influenced by the Hollywood versions of HP or is it in the books because it seems to come from there too and fic there aren't any overweight characters. Why aren't wizards and witches looking like the Dursleys?????

Highly disturbing thoughts I feel. Shall have to investigate more, but there we are those are my thoughts for the day.

S xxx

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