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More indepth thought from me....I need to stop thinking so much! - Keeper of the Cages
More indepth thought from me....I need to stop thinking so much!
Hyphenated Surnames.

Is there a rule about them? Is it the man's name that goes first and the woman's second? Or could it be alphabetical? Or is it based on how famous (in the case of important people e.g. scientists, sports people, tv/film people etc etc) they are? Or is it plain and simple they try out both combinations to find which one sounds better and stick with that?

I know in quite a lot of fic when the characters marry (esp in slash) they hyphen which is fine, but why? I mean they could just move it to be a middle name, or pass it on to children as their middle name. I guess for slash it's a bit harder as they have to decide who's surname they'd drop ie making them the 'girl' still they could just use the one surname and do the middle name thingy with their own surname.

Hmm I think at heart I'm an old fashioned girl who thinks that you take your husbands name when you marry and if you have children you can be mean and give them two middle names making one of them your surname! Though this tends to make the most sense for boys because surnames tend to sound boyish I think. Yes I know Lesley can be boy/girl as can many others, but not my point!

So here I have a few examples of hypenated surnames nabbed from fic, yes showing some of my OTP's and everything lol!

Potter-Malfoy Vs Malfoy-Potter

Potter-Snape Vs Snape-Potter

Potter-Black Vs Black-Potter (On this one I really don't like the second options so this proves the simple 'which sounds better' theory!)

Lupin-Black Vs Black-Lupin (I'd have to say it's almost as close a dislike on the second option for this one as the one above, but not as strong.)

Luthor-Kent Vs Kent-Luthor (I just like Clark Luthor! Makes me all smiley! I refuse to acknowledge Lex Kent EVER!) (Could go with Clark Jerome Kent Luthor making it a second surname which never has to be used...)

Having thought about it what if a child is adopted by someone, but they want to keep their original surname and take on the new name too? Hyphen or middle name????

I know if you're titled you tend to hyphen in deference to the history and blending of estates etc. I guess when the children marry they don't keep their mother's maiden name of the hyphen, but just add their spouse's name.

Way too indepth for the moment! I should be falling asleep as it's now after midnight, but this is me we're talking about.

I'm off to do somemore thinking.

S xxx

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