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Really not a lot just a quick ramble (no thought this time I promise!) - Keeper of the Cages
Really not a lot just a quick ramble (no thought this time I promise!)
Late late late! Was 45 minutes late for work and there was no reason for it... well there was the rain, which makes people remove their brains and forget how to drive. Hence sitting in a lovely traffic jam on a rainy monday morning and not even an exciting crash to drive past. Brian asked me if I'd overslept or been stuck in traffic I wanted to say that even if I'd overslept I would have been there quicker - there is no way my Mum would let me sleep later than 8am which means I have time to jump in the shower (no washing of hair though) and can still be out before 8.30 and up to 8.30 I can be in work by 9.15, which admittedly is late, but that's still well before 9.45.

Bah humbug.

Holidays are going to be new next week, well from this Friday actually, and because I had to save what was left of this years hols for college I shall be using most of them for college in the next 3 weeks. 4 days next week in college and the last 4 days of May as it's the bank holiday weekend and my exam is 1st June (and a monday!) Contemplating staying in town again for that one just incase. I know I can't be that unlucky again, but still you never know do you seeing as it's the same exam...!

Need to plan what to do with a whole year of shiny new holidays... 1 day off for my birthday because it's my birthday and I never go into work on my birthday. 1 day off for the new Harry Potter movie. After that I suppose there are 3 days between christmas and new year, which all depends on Lindsay deciding when the floaty holiday is. Hmm 5 days gone already and if I'm still studying that'll be another 8/9 days gone. Looks like it'll have to be one holiday this year, how flaming depressing is that?! Or I can work overtime to go to college, but there is no work to do overtime on so yeah not going to work - they don't give overtime for sitting at your desk (I think they should!)

How has it gotten to 11.15pm already?? I sort of dozed off before but Spud ran up the stairs and made a lot of noise waking me properly. Wishing for sleep I am!

In that case I shall finish now and attempt sleep.

S xxx

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