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completely uninterested - Keeper of the Cages
completely uninterested
They've blocked imdb.com at work. I can't believe it. Where am I supposed to go when I can't remember the name of the people in things, but by looking for the film or someone they were in the movie with I can find them??? Gah!

Went to the Lake District yesterday with Michelle. Was a brilliant day and the weather was suprisingly good considering the forecast that they gave. We went up to Grasmere for Gingerbread and lunch, then to Near Sorey where Beatrix Potter's home "Hill Top Farm" is. Then back down to Ambleside for a wander before heading over to Burrow where we had dinner at The Highway Man.

Am off to college tomorrow which I can't be bothered to do. I'd actually rather head to work and be completely bored there instead of going to college. Blah only 4 more weeks and I don't have to worry about it again until August.

Simon Baker is brilliant! He's in The Mentalist and now he's in The Guardian. FiveUSA brilliant channel!

Dinner now I guess.

S xxx

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