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At work - Keeper of the Cages
At work
Well it's all sunny outside and I'm in the office which is rather cold if you ask me, I think the radiator has been turned down down down :( . Anyway...I think I must admit that I do prefare to be bored at work than bored at college. At least here I can still get on LJ or occasionally my e-mails if the blocky-thing isn't being mean at the time.

So yep been away for a week come back and nothing to do. Ho hum! Actually I'm waiting for Pat to decide there is something for me to do for all the payroll year ends...I might be waiting a long time as he tends to worry things to death - he's worse than me people and that's BAD lol!

Friday I didn't get to have sushi because in the afternoon in college I felt bad so decided that going home and being pitiful in an empty house was the best way to go. Ended up with soup and hotdogs as I really didn't want anything to eat. Have you ever actually read the ingredients on the side of the hotdog tin? They so don't sound as appetising when you do that! Not that it put me off, nope not me I'm adventurous!

Saturday was shopping for my Nanna and then spent a couple of hours with her. I had meant to actually go out and do something, but alas I didn't. Forgot to eat dinner, which yeah bad idea, but I didn't feel hungry - not even when my brother and his girlfriend had Chinese takeaway. Did go and hire videos from Blockbuster which I didn't end up watching. Instead I got lost reading.

Sunday nothing happened as usual and now...have been found work by the evil Dan boy! must get to it I suppose.

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