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No connections, just a stream - Keeper of the Cages
No connections, just a stream
Today I skived, well I just didn't fancy the drive back to work after I visited the Doctor at the hospital and I wouldn't have gotten much done anyway so who really cares? I can even make up the time by having short lunches for a couple of days.

The outcome of that trip was I am no longer needing to revisit the neurologist as he couldn't find a thing to explain my months of dizzyness and seeing as it's gone now all should be well, though I should be warned that in the future it could happen again. In the case of it happening again I shall of course go and see someone, but they shall probably say exactly the same thing to me and leave me none the wiser!

So for all intents and purposes I am now well (or something like that!).

Allow me to discover life as I should through living it and learning with every step I take that life holds many things both beyond beautiful and beyond terrible but with out the extremes the middle road will take your spark.

"To Sleep, perchance to dream" Shakespeare Dreams...

The brain is off-line again, will call back when more connected! Good night all

Current Mood: weird rambling

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