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*dies of laughter!* - Keeper of the Cages
*dies of laughter!*
I really shouldn't be reading fic this late/early, especially when it makes me want to laugh outloud - I mean for goodness sake everyone else is asleep!

So yes the particular funny quote of the moment can from skim reading The Perfect Girl by Slytherin-nette on fanfiction.net where Harry has been turned into a girl permanently due to a potion mishap and "she's" meeting all these suitors as part of the "pureblood" tradition of finding a fiance and with the whole trappings of "The Debutant Season". One of the suitors is like a male Hermione and has books for Harry to read so they can talk better next time (!) Harry hates it and decideds to go very girly-daft saying "Ooh, I like this book. It’s pink."

Yes I'm rubbish as summaries etc, but it just made me have hysterics, very quietly of course though! Give the story a try or not 'sup to you, but has funny bits to it!

Right going to find more amusing things to read and be very quiet about it too!

S xxx

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