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Shock another rant by me ;D - Keeper of the Cages
Shock another rant by me ;D
Yes I'm back and as per usual I'm here to rant...

Had my review at work today.

Wasn't bad really, just the usual you should be doing harder jobs instead of doing the jobs you're happy with. My response in my head and the one I really wanted to give instead of the polite "Oh yes I know, I'll be happy to do anything I'm given" was "Yes well if you assigned the harder jobs to me I'd do them, but you don't so what the flip do you expect me to do other than those with my name by them? And for that matter I don't do all flaming sage jobs it's just your stupid clients that are sage jobs if you look at my other ones they vary twonk man!"

Notes and Queries are only for important things that have happened in the accounts, I don't need to know that you wrote off 57p on this account.
Polite me: "Oh Ok"
Head me: "Yes well if I wanted to do a sloppy half arsed job like you do because you can get away with making crap up when people ask you questions I'd not put everything down so no one knows what the heck I've done and nor do I and then next year I'll be as clueless as you. And when tax ask me what's going on I'll just reply 'well I would have made a note about it, but you see it wasn't an important happening so I didn't and I forget what it was and why I did it :D' "

Timekeeping is a bit off some people aren't too happy seeing you turn up at 9.02, 9.03am especially when they are here early and you know have the hour lunch and then go home ontime.
Polite me: "Well yes I suppose, but I get stuck in traffic and there isn't anything I can do about that. I tend to work over the beginning of lunch anyway to cover it. Is it a strict 9-5.15? Because if it is well I'll do that."
Head me: "I spent 2 and a half to 3 years being in the office half an hour early did I get anything for it? No of course not I did not get to go home early or have a longer lunch or anything. The other thing is I live at least 45minutes away if someone decides that 30mph is the speed they want to do there is nothing I can do about it. Everyone else (except Justin whom everyone seems to be unhappy with anyway and lives down the road from me) lives within a 20 minute at the most drive and I know they get traffic too, but no matter what time I leave there is bound to be some idiots either end of the motorway that can't tell what National Speed Limit means nor how to drive. It's not like I'm not in the town before 9am it's just getting from the traffic lights at the beginning of town up to the office if you have a teleporting device please let me use it and I'll be there on time!"

Queries shouldn't be written for my to ask you should phone the clients and ask them yourself.
Polite me: "I suppose so, but it does give you something to ask the clients when you talk to them"
Head me: "Well you should earn your money somehow. I mean you don't do much so to justify charging that much to a client for a chat with you you might as well ask them a few questions, makes it look like you're actually involved with what's going on instead of just sitting at your desk all day insulting your sister on MSN!"

Oh dear I'm doing the bitca rant here aren't I?!

The thing is I just want to know who it is that's annoyed with me over being a few minutes late? Is it Dan because he sure as heck can't say anything, even if he is the boss's son and a shiny new director, he gets in as late or later than me some times and he lives 10minutes at the most. Lindsay yeah well he's the boss so can say what he wants. But what if it's Clair or Yvonne? I know they've both had their reviews and well I don't want them angry at me or at least thinking/saying bad things about me. Maybe it was just Dan trying to say he wants me there early but trying to make it sound like others had made mention of it. I think I'm over analyzing which as we all know I do to distraction and then we end up with me getting in a huge tiz and doing something silly like hand in my notice to go traveling...

Then there is the question 'Is there anyone you're not getting along with? Want to say anything about?' Does that mean that people have been moaning about me? Like they have about Justin? I know it's not nice to be passive and not say anything when people talk about others, but I'm a coward and on the whole not a very pushy person. Well I am, but if there's more than one person I'm talking to I just sort of clam up. Hmmm see this is why I get all worked up and stress out for weeks and months because I over analyse things that to other people, or the person that says them, don't mean anything like the way I take them. Or I take them how they mean them and then over think leading to disaster!

I like my job, I like the people, I just don't like how horrid it's getting. Bring back Brian all is forgiven we need him back from the other office to make ours work smoothly and happily and sort the problems caused by people having no idea what they are doing and then expecting all the people under them to miraculously know what's to be done how and when.

I did post on my facebook page words about over analyzing and wishing to ask a question that you know wont and can't be answered (meaning about who's been saying what) and wondering if I'd made someone angry at me. Marie replied as follows "I can see I've not taught you anything in the two years we've known each other matey. Do what I would do - and you know politeness and tact are not my middle names. And I would be surprised if you could anger someone - you're so inoffensive. I think we need a skool of toughening up!!! Now have a glass of something alcoholic and chill ;-) x" For which reply I'm very happy about as she works with me and is usually there when people talk, but it's still going to bug me all weekend as I'm a stresshead!

Reviews are like parents evenings, but without your parents going and talking to teachers to find out totally haven't been doing the homework and you're in a huge mess and they come home to shout at you! Not that any action will be taken really as I'm completely the wrong gender to be taken note of in our office! It's a boyz rule kinda place, but see what would happen if all us girls (there are 7 of us that do the main work) walked out. Kerpoof!

Oh and I asked why I hadn't had a pay rise when in the past I'd gotten one when I passed my exams. Last year I passed 2 exams and got nothing and wasn't told anything either. Ben got a payrise when he's results came out. Dan's response was "Oh I don't know I'll have to have a look at it, but I don't have anything to do with the wages. We're going over the employee handbook so that things will be the same in all the offices." Yes that's nice, but that doesn't help me now does it and I've missed out on 2 payrises in the past year.

Ok I'd best sign off here and now before I get anymore stressed out or you know bore anyone reading this any more!</a>

I'll just say night night and Love to all

S xxx

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heidelbergerin1 From: heidelbergerin1 Date: November 27th, 2011 10:21 pm (UTC) (Link)
Well... I know this was from July 2010 but definitely sounds like where I am now with regards work... I shall read on and see if things improve. Might just give me some hope!
jazzbandmusic From: jazzbandmusic Date: December 5th, 2011 12:13 am (UTC) (Link)
Sorry to disappoint, but well I'm not convinced things have improved and I'm counting down the exam passes before maybe walking. But that might be the overtired stress-head talking! Keep you chin up and do what we do best - ignore the annoying buggers and rant rant rant on here ;) Hope it's going better for you. S xxx
heidelbergerin1 From: heidelbergerin1 Date: December 5th, 2011 06:36 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks S xx
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