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ok so I have to say I got two words in my quoted song wrong!… - Keeper of the Cages
ok so I have to say I got two words in my quoted song wrong! (Rhymeage!) they were Song instead of Sun and Delight instead of Daylight. Like that matters really 'cos I bet ya didne read what I wrote anyway!

So yeah um what else to say except I have an essay to write and I want to read fic! Bloody bad lecturers I feel giving essays and work when one should be reading fic!

Oh my dad is coming up on Friday to take me home and I can't wait! Mmmmm home! sleep! Car!!! FRAP AND FILMS! Mmmmm nummy!

Right oh yeah people were looking round our flat today - had to tidy and hoover the floor in my room! I forgot before! heee! silly people they really shouldn't move into our flat 'cos it's rather crap. So there!

Love to all you loverly fic writers and I hope you write loads more! Please I needs them! I prefer them to doing work! keep it up! Mmmmmm *goes off to read Lu/Harry, Lu/Sev, Harry/Draco et al!* Bye bye XX

Current Mood: Meh meh meh
Current Music: Rosie Thomas - Thanks for the Rain

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