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Happy Birthday to Me! - Keeper of the Cages
Happy Birthday to Me!
Well the start of a year of posts!

So today is my 29th Birthday and as I said about a month ago I was going to endevour to post a post a day! The betting is I fail miserably within the next oh 10 days, but until that happens I shall be positive and actively work on it ;)!

What did I do today? Well took the day off of course. There is no point in going to work on the one day when one should be given a free days holiday no matter what. But anyway I took the day off and was totally intending on sleeping, well what can I say I'm tired as anything and need all the sleep I can get to manage to reach the end of 6 hours of Harry Potter next Thursday oh and on Monday I didn't get back in until after 1am so sleepy yes! Me and Mummy went to Cheshire Oaks, The Red House Brassery, for lunch, lasgana & jam rolly polly, and then a wee wander. Went shopping in M&S and got myself a rather nice Radley bag (obviously not form M&S, but you know what I mean!), well I did look at the Mulberry bags first, but seeing as discounted price on those is £600.00 I suppose Radley at £69.00 is BARGAIN! Final stop of the day was Millies Cookies which has Baskin & Robbins Ice Cream which means one has to have Raspberry Sherbet Ice Cream which changes your mouth to blue!

Tonight went to Helter Skelter for tea with Mummy, Daddy, Graeme and Becky. Had a good time, but sometimes you just want to say "My birthday blah". Think we're going out with Nanna on Saturday as she can't go to Helter Skelter - stairs there are to get there. I had scallops, then steak with garlic butter and finally belgium waffle. Good wine and beer was had too!

I think this is a very disconnected rambley post, but I said I was going to do it and now I'm going to sleep!

Oh and I just watched Castle too!

Right so brilliant birthday!

Nighty night.

S xxx

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