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Day 3... - Keeper of the Cages
Day 3...
I know I'm scraping in just within day 3, but it still is day three as it's the 8th July for another 22 minutes by the pooter clock!

Boring day at work today as I ran out of stuff to do and it was a very wet friday. Doesn't the rain always make the day seem longer and slower, unless you're out walking in it which is much more fun. And I think working over the lunch hour made it longer. 1 hour and 15 minutes left to make up and all will be well with the world again!

Watched "Human Target" tonight - well catching up from last night when I missed everything, but then I couldn't watch most of it because there were spiders involved. When they give the warnings like "the following program involves flashing lights which might not be suitable for people with photo-sensitve epilepsy" they should include warnings for spiders. I mean it's a serious phobia and lots of people have it. I've missed whole parts of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and Lord of the Rings because of the spiders.

Oooh it's raining lots again and if I wasn't at home or at least if my parents weren't home or Graeme, 'cos he'd tell on me or tell me off anyway, I'd totally go for a late night walk in the rain. Haven't done the late night walking since uni. Used to go up to the Wallace Monument at night or well sunrise - always managed to miss actual sunrise though! Never did it in my Caeligh dress and heels though.

Everyone keeps asking me if I've seen HP yet and it's like "NOOOOOO how many times do I have to say it?! It's not out until next week gah!" Then again it doesn't really interest them so they aren't really going to listen and remember stuff like that are they?

Tomorrow we're out for tea with my Nanna, Graeme's not going as he's off to some festival thing in Leeds or near there at any rate. Will be interesting I think. We're trying a new place to eat so I'll report more on that tomorrow.

It seems to be the end of Hawaii Five-O on Sunday which is awfully sad. Hope there's something good to replace it at 9pm on a Sunday night.

Ok so whilst it's still Friday I'll toddle off to sleep, or at least to read some random things for a bit before crashing.

Hope you're all having a good Friday and looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

Love S xxx

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